Our wines

Our selection of Valais wines

Our range of Valais wines is one of the jewels of our family business. We are proud to offer a selection of wines that reflect the passion and know-how we have acquired over the years. Our cellar was founded in 2018 by Clément Luisier. His parents already grew grapes in the Saillon region of Switzerland. Since then, the Luisier family has passed down their know-how and love for wine from generation to generation. Our collection of Valais wines includes a wide variety of grape varieties, ranging from fresh and fruity white and rosé wines, to full-bodied and complex red wines. We use traditional winemaking methods to produce wines that reflect the unique characteristics of our terroir and our grapes. Our Valais wines are appreciated by wine lovers around the world for their exceptional quality and delicate flavor.

We are convinced that the key to our success lies in our commitment to producing wines that combine tradition and innovation. We are also proud to promote environmental sustainability by growing our grapes responsibly and using eco-friendly winemaking techniques. We are convinced that the protection of our land and our vineyards is essential to guarantee the quality of our Valais wines from our cellar Luisier Vin Saillon for generations to come. We hope you enjoy our range of wines as much as we enjoy creating them. We are happy to share our passion for wine with you and offer you an unforgettable tasting experience.