An atypical and magnificent story complicated to tell in a few lines, but we will try.

Clement Luisier, at the age of 18 (2018), in the 2nd year of his CFC de Viticulturist, decides toopen your own cellar by vinifying the grapes of his parents who are professionals in the production of grapes. It was a huge success, that is why the next year it expands its range of wines with 8 references and triple la production. (approx. 10,500bt). In 2020, production is also increasing, and in parallel, he finishes his premier CFC and launches directly into the second CFC of wine merchant which he successfully obtains in 2021. 
Then, by thirst for knowledge and taken from one passion unconditional great Bordeaux wines, he entrusts the vinification of the 2021 vintage to Sébastien from Domaine Dussex in order to seize the incredible opportunity to work at the Château Léoville Las Cases (Saint Julien).

A 200% life for an even greater passion.

As of today, in 2023, the estate is in full expansion and meet a incredible success. Multiple viticultural and oenological trials are in progress in order to bring a little innovation in this beautiful wine world.
Clément also brings a lot of importance to theclient experience and to wine tourism this contributes in part to the rapid evolution of the winery.

See for yourself what Valais youth is capable of accomplishing! To follow closely because good things are coming. 

Let's talk a bit about the vineyard.

The family vineyard is worked by his parents. Currently, Clement cellars 6 hectares on the 11.5. The plots are located between Saillon and Leytron in Valais on mainly limestone and schist soils.
By conviction and love of nature, 4 ha are certified Bio Suisse.
A biodiversity omnipresent in the heart of our plots, hedges of trees and bushes as well as birdhouses implanted by Célestin, the big brother ornithologist.
An extraordinary story, which we will be happy to explain to you in detail in the cellar over a drink!