Visits to a wine cellar in Saillon: Live a unique experience during a tasting

Visites d'une cave à vin à Saillon : une expérience gustative !

The Luisier Vin family winery covers 11.5 ha between Saillon and Leytron, in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. This family business is managed by Clément Luisier who is also in charge of the vinification and marketing of the wines. It offers amateurs a visit to a wine cellar in Saillon during which you can indulge in a tasting in a magnificent setting.

Why treat yourself to a visit to a wine cellar in Saillon?

Saillon is a picturesque medieval village known in particular for its beautiful landscapes and vineyards. The Luisier Vin wine cellar is one of those that have made the reputation of this heavenly corner. It is therefore obvious that for a visit to a wine cellar in Saillon, it is one of the best addresses. Immerse yourself in this magnificent universe with us by first visiting the place where it all begins: the vineyard. We then offer you a unique experience by offering you a behind-the-scenes look at the production of an exceptional wine. Thus, you will have the opportunity to see the different winemaking methods, that is to say the whole process of transforming grape juice into wine. 

We will also share with you our history, our philosophy and our way of operating within this family business. And what would be the visit of a wine cellar in Saillon without a good tasting to accompany it? It is therefore with pleasure that we invite you to taste our great wines during the visit or once it is over.

What are the advantages of visiting a cellar in Saillon by Luisier Vin?

Visiting a wine cellar in Saillon is the ideal activity if you want to have a good time with family or friends. It is also an opportunity to discover more about this specialty that everyone loves. To best live this unique experience, the cave Luisier Vin Saillon set everything up. The route was well thought out and our guide made sure to explain everything in great detail. Not to mention the setting which is exceptional, whether that offered by our vineyards or that which we have prepared for you for tasting. And speaking of tasting, we offer a multitude of flavors and aromas that everyone can only find what they prefer. We have also concocted several offers and packages adapted to all your needs.

Tasting offers and visit of the wine cellar in Saillon

As we have just briefly mentioned, several offers are offered by Luisier Vin for a visit to a memorable cellar in Saillon. First, there is the classic tasting offer. This consists of a tasting of our wines followed by a presentation of the estate by a member of the Luisier family. Then there is the gourmet tasting offer which offers the previous services, but accompanied by the famous Valais platter. We also have a gourmet and raclette tasting in which we find the previous offers, plus a raclette, a coffee and a digestive.

All the tastings take place in our carnotzet, meticulously fitted out to welcome you in the best conditions. We can add to these three offers the visit of our cellar or vineyard. During this visit, you will have the opportunity to taste a few cuvées directly from their vats or barrels. So what are you waiting for to treat yourself during your stay in Saillon?