Tasting and visits

Whether it be with friends or family, our offers will please you.
We offer 6 packages ranging from a tasting classic one visit followed by the famous squeegee valaisan. 

Here are our packages:
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Online reservations

Vineyard tours

Online reservations

All our packages are modular according to your wishes, so it is with pleasure that we can set up theexperience of your dreams

For more info or reservations, please contact us at info@luisiervin.ch or +41 78 866 35 67.

Looking forward to welcoming you,
The Luisier family

*if the cumulative amount of group wine purchases does not exceed 30.- pp, wine tasting will be charged 15.- pp

Valais is a Swiss region renowned for its quality wine production, with spectacular landscapes and exceptional wines that attract wine lovers from all over the world. Wine tourism in Valais is a unique experience that allows visitors to discover wines from the region while exploring the picturesque alpine landscapes. If you are looking for a taste experience, Luisier Vin is there for you. We offer a variety of tastings and tours that allow you to experience premium Swiss wines while exploring our scenic estate.

Valais wine tourism: a unique activity!

Tasting sumptuous Valais wines!

Our commitment to the production of quality wines!